LOLcat! I'm a New Zealand based freelance WordPress Developer. I build easy to manage, secure websites that are lightning fast and top ranking.

WordPress is the ideal platform for blogging, marketing, and e-commerce. The low stack requirements, open source community and plugin marketplace are great time and money savers.

I have been developing with since version 3 in 2011, I rate WooCommerce, WPMUdev, Divi and Beans highly. I minify wherever possible and keep plugin usage to a minimum for speed and security. I'm currently exploring using React on top of the Wordpress and WooCommerce APIs

I'm currently a COSC student and modern javascript bootcamper. I'm interested in cryptocurrencies and neural networks, but who isn't? Away from the text editor, I scoffing nom noms, guzzling coffee, pulling deadlifts, and refreshing Elon's Twitter feed

My Recent Work.


Designed and developed with Divi, powered by WooCommerce. Custom shipping calculations, methods, KPI reporting and aggressive caching.


Designed and developed with Divi, extensive video integration and Ninja Forms modifications. Heavily minified and compressed.

Constant Power

Designed and developed with Divi. Custom power savings calculations and custom API integration with a 3rd party CRM.

Express Catering

Custom WooCommerce design and development, used internally for on-campus catering. Custom account management, PDFs and reporting.

Home Birth Aotearoa

Custom multisite development powered by Divi & SimpleMag. Extensive use of custom post types, and IssueM online magazine distribution.

Let's get Coffee.