LOLcat! I'm a New Zealand based WordPress Developer. I build lightning fast, top ranking sites that are secure and easy to manage.

WordPress is the ideal platform for blogging, marketing, and e-commerce. The low stack requirements, open source community and plugin marketplace are great time and money savers.

I have been developing with WordPress and WooCommerce since 2011, and starting 2018 I build themes exclusively with Beans and Carbon Fields (switching soon to custom Gutenberg blocks). My builds include minimal unused JS or CSS and I keep plugin usage to a minimum for speed and security. Recently I have been working with external subscription services (ChargeBee and Recurly) combined with Hubspot and Mailchimp marketing automation.

I recently completed my undergrad in Computer Science and am now a third through my MSc at Otago University. I'm interested in deep + reinforcement learning, and information retrieval. Away from the terminal, I guzzling coffee, pulling deadlifts, listening to podcasts, and refreshing Elon's Twitter feed

Recent Work.


Developed with Beans and carbon fields. Reduced the previous build request count by over 75%, and removed over 20 plugins whilst improving admin usability. I'm using Varnish to serve upwards of 80% of requests from a quick AF reverse proxy.


Theme developed with Beans and carbon fields. 155KB theme load. Custom Subscription Integration with Recurly and Adyen enterprise level payment gateway.

Generosity Cofee

Developed with Beans, WooCommerce Subscriptions, AffiliateWP, and carbon fields. Site designed by Jamie Turnbull


Designed and developed with Beans, WooCommerce and carbon fields. 316KB theme load.

Ageing Well National Science Challenge

Designed and developed with Beans, carbon fields and multiple post types. Lightweight interactive graphic built using jQuery.

Previous Work.

Kids Canvas NYC



Constant Power

Home Birth Aotearaoa

Express Catering



Steven Kidder

Computer Science.
Let's get Coffee.